Play Dress PRE ORDER

Play Dress PRE ORDER



Hello! Welcome to the Play Dress!

The perfect pocketed dress for wholesome adventures in any season. In summer, wear it by the water and let the waves meet your toes on the shore. In autumn, wear it when the leaves fall, collect the brightly colored ones and twirl them in your fingers. In winter, wear leggings underneath and big warm socks. Put your mittens on and throw a snowball (or two) on your way to buy a hot chocolate! In spring, shake the falling flower blossoms from your hair and breathe deep as the world around you is brought back to life by warm rain after a long winter. 100% linen, machine washable (95-105º F).

By the way, each dress comes with a little poetry surprise by Hannah Yerington!

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An important note! Every garment is made to order. Why? For a couple of reasons! Firstly, I am a one woman show! Secondly, because I hope to eliminate waste as much as possible in my fashion practice. If I pre-make garments that don’t sell, I’m wasting materials. By making things to order, I can insure that every garment goes to a good home, and I can also make each garment personalized to their new wearer. This is important, because the fashion industry (amongst many other things) is NOT particularly size inclusive and I hope to combat that! That’s why you see a measurement sheet instead of a drop down menu with sizes - speaking of, if you have any questions on how to measure yourself beyond the instructions that I’ve provided, look online for instructions!

So now that you know some things, please be patient and allow 2-4 weeks for production. This isn’t your average dress!